The action must be commenced in New York State. No out of state actions will be accepted.

fee for $40.00 must be included for each service payable to The Secretary of State of New York, according to the desired section of the law being served.

Two copies of each document per company. Witness fee (if required) is to be sent out by Separate cover to the last known address.
Summons; etal
Two copies of each document per company.
For Personal Service
For personal Service on an individual or company, always send two copies of all paperwork together with the name of the company or person being served.

Fees depend on county of service.
Document Filings: Albany and Surrounding Counties
Filing requirements and fees for Federal and State courts in Albany and surrounding counties vary depending on the action and court of jurisdiction. It is advised that you contact the Managing Director of our Albany office; Deborah Winn for requirements and fees.

Fees depend on county of service.
  • CountyCourt Purchase of Index Number: $210.00
  • Request for Judicial Intervention: $95.00
Please use the appropriate forms. If you do not have them, DLS will supply them for you.
Document Retrievals
Please specify the court, the name of the case, motion no. and docket no. if you have one for all document retrievals. Call, Fax, or use our Document Request Order Form