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Jon Ripps
Managing Director
Howard D. Goldman, J.D.
Director of Operations

Robert Napodano
Legal Administrator
Out-of-State & International Services

Valerie Simpson

Deborah LaPointe
Manager; Albany Office

Brendan Collishaw
Manager; Westchester/Rockland Office

Toppie Lloyd
Affidavit Preparation

Shirley Chen
Assistant Legal Administrator

DLS Court Clerks:

Darryl Green- 
Nelson Carvajal - 

DLS Process Servers:

Tim Botti
Process Server Supervisor; NYC Office
(Brooklyn, Staten Island, Parts of NJ)

Nelson Carvajal
(Queens, Long Island)

Derick Martin
(Queens, Long Island)

Darryl Green

Hector Figueroa

Bob Mills

Fred Pringle
(Manhattan, Bronx)

Brendan Collishaw
(Westchester County, Rockland County, Northern New Jersey & Parts of New Jersey
& Parts of Connecticut)

Deborah LaPointe
(Secretary of State)

DLS Manhattan Messengers:
Jeffrey Tracey
Euclide De Castro