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Jon Ripps ( or Howard Goldman (


  • DLS is consistently responsive and prompt.  I know I can rely upon them to efficiently complete even the most difficult of process serving assignments, and their affidavits are returned on a timely basis.  And they are so familiar with all of the courts and their unique processes and personalities that they are able to reliably accomplish the document retrieval and filing services that every litigation attorney needs.  Best of all, they are able to help provide guidance as to the best way to accomplish difficult tasks.  I have used DLS for over 15 years and am very pleased with their services.
    Christina H. Bost Seaton, Esq.

  • No matter the size of the project or issue, DLS always delivers.  Howard, Jon and the DLS staff never cease to amaze me with their commitment, professionalism and ability to help resolve any concern.  I never hesitate to recommend DLS to my colleagues which is the ultimate testament of DLS' excellence.  DLS is truly the gold standard!
    Mitchell​ J. Flachner
    Schwartz Sladkus Reich Greenberg Atlas LLP

  • Having been a managing clerk at two of the biggest firms in NYC spanning nearly 20 years, I have needed to heavily rely on process serving companies to assist with everything from serving papers and private investigative inquiries, to delivering and picking up court pleadings. No company is more skilled, knowledgeable, or will to do the extraordinary than DLS, and its tremendous team. Never have they been unwilling to serve anywhere in NY State, but will also take on the challenge of serving documents nationally. And doing this while having a calm and reassuring demeanor is an added bonus.
    I highly recommend DLS to get the job done!
    Na'eem A. Conway, Managing Clerk
    Jenner & Block LLP

  • I've been using DLS for over ten years now, and they are simply top notch.  They are professional, courteous, efficient, and always get the job done.  Whether I've needed a lone rush service, or service on dozens of parties, they always met the mark.  Excellent and reliable company.   I highly recommend them. 
    David Ortiz, Managing Clerk

  • For over a decade, I've used DLS for service of process because they are smart, efficient, and cost-effective. They stay current with changes in the law, and their process servers are reliable.
    Robert Moore
    The Law Firm of Robert Moore, PLLC

  • I have been working with DLS for over 15 years, both as a managing clerk and as an attorney.  They are among the most reliable legal services firm I have worked with.  I have never been anything less than fully satisfied with their service.  From their management down to their process servers, they are an absolute pleasure to work with.  I highly recommend them.
    Michael H. Gibson, Esq.
    Duane Morris LLP

  • I am the managing partner of a small law firm which does a good deal of litigation. I have used Demovsky Lawyer Service for over 15 years, and I cannot say enough good things about them. They are punctual, diligent, and responsive. Bottom line, in managing a small but active practice, once I give them something to do, I know it gets done, and I no longer have to worry. They have always done everything correctly and on time. It relieves much of the pressures I could otherwise have. I highly recommend them.
    Mitchell Baker
    Baker Leshko Saline & Drapeau, LLP

  • DLS takes all the worry and headache out of service, hunting down hard-to-find individuals and doing it within record time. Always helpful and super responsive, I'd never consider using any other service. DLS is the absolute best.
    Rachael​ G. Ratner
    Schwartz Sladkus Reich Greenberg Atlas LLP

  • After inconsistent and unreliable service from other companies, in 2014, my firm decided to use DLS and we’ve used them for all of our process serving needs ever since! They are professional, accommodating and fairly priced; a rare triple-threat in this competitive and important legal services business in NYC. Howard and Jon and the rest of the DLS team are quick to respond to requests and always keep us updated to ensure service is effectuated properly and to our satisfaction.
    I highly recommend DLS to any lawyers or law firms in need of a reliable service company in New York!
    Taylor B. Graham
    Pelton Graham LLC

  • I have been using DLS for 20 plus years. When I send a subpoena to be served I have complete confidence that it will be done promptly and correctly.  DLS is cognizant of restrictions that may preclude an individual from accepting service and is respectful of those restrictions.

    In addition, Howard and his staff will let me know if there is any missing information on the subpoena or advance any witness fees.

    DLS is a great company and I highly recommend them for all your service needs.
    Rosalie V. Malone
    Court Filing & Records Clerk

  • We have worked with DLS for over ten years now.  DLS has always been there for us with fast, efficient  and professional service.  DLS is well aware of the service rules and at all times its process servers have abided by such rules and performed their obligations with a caring and professional attitude.   I highly recommend DLS.
    Jill Levi
    Todd & Levi, LLP

  • DLS provides excellent service. They are professional and prompt. Someone always answers the phone and I never have to worry about whether my papers will be served in accordance with the rules because they know them. I once used another company and regretted it. I highly recommend DLS.
    Midwin Charles, Esq.
    Midwin Charles & Associates LLC

  • I have been using DLS for over 20 years in my position as Managing Attorney at Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP and at Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP.  I use DLS because I know they will get the job done in both a professional and an efficient manner.  DLS is run by the highest quality people who work hard to fulfill our sometimes urgent and complicated requests.  I have come to depend upon DLS for their timely and meticulous work.  In this industry, finding a service provider that you would want to continue using for over 20 years is a rarity to say the least.  DLS is the best in their field.
    Clara Pizzarello, Managing Attorney
    Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP

  • My firm has been using DLS for 30 years.....nothing else needs to be said.
    Harry Nicolai, Partner
    DelBello Donnellan Weingarten Wise & Wiederkehr LLP

  • We have been a client of DLS since our founding in 2005.  Speed, accuracy, reliability and professionalism are of critical importance in a process serving operation. Howard and his staff deliver them all - all of the time.
    Steve Rosenfeld
    Havkins Rosenfeld Ritzert & Varriale

  • I've been using DLS for process serving and document retrieval for the past 27 years – since 1985. I’ve been in small and large firms in that time, and after many years of excellent service, I can say that DLS’s personnel – in New York City, Westchester and Albany – have always been knowledgeable of the law and dependable in their responsiveness. And, what’s important to every litigator, they always rise to the occasion when the circumstances are urgent or difficult. I heartily recommend DLS.
    Kenneth G. Roberts
    Cozen O'Connor

  • I gave DLS a difficult process serving assignment two years ago which they carried out quickly and accurately. Since then, DLS has been the only process serving company I use and the only process serving company I will recommend. I recently started using DLS's lawyers services. Same quickness and diligence. And so, DLS is now the only attorney service I recommend.
    Stuart Wachs, Esq.

  • I've been a paralegal for over 16 years and Howard Goldman and the entire DLS staff are second to none. By far the most reliable, diligent process service company I've ever worked with. Whether I need service in New York or California, DLS always comes through with prompt, professional service and they never disappoint!!!
    John P. Mitchell, Paralegal
    Baker Botts L.L.P.

  • There is a multitude of process serving companies in New York which promise reliability, speed and accuracy but only one delivers: DLS. Howard Goldman, along with Jon Ripps and their staff of professionals are not only experts in their field but provide a sense of security with every service we send them. DLS always undertakes the required and crucial steps necessary for proper service; a quality lacking in most of the competition. Their affidavits are succinct, accurate and always professional. I find all their work completed with consistency, pride and a mixture of passion and good humor. I enthusiastically recommend their company.
    Dennis G. Farrell, Managing Clerk

  • DLS has been providing reliable, professional legal support services to me for the past 10 years. It always goes the extra mile - literally and figuratively - especially when I have a tough assignment I need handled, or I need something on an expedited basis. DLS has not let me down.
    Pamela L. Kleinberg, Esq.
    Wilk Auslander LLP

  • I first learned of DLS through a word-of-mouth referral in an emergency: I called them in the afternoon needing same-day service of an Order to Show Cause in a different county. DLS got the job done. They were responsive and professional, with a cost-effective price tag. After years of searching and using many different court and process serving services, the search ends with DLS.
    Jeffrey E. Dupler
    Gibney, Anthony & Flaherty, LLP.

  • I have been using DLS for over 10 years now, and you will never find a more reliable, diligent and honest process serving company in the country. DLS has never let me down, and the service I receive is second to none. Further, DLS's insight has saved my clients thousands of dollars over the years in needless court costs and attorney's fees. I know that I when I send my papers to DLS the job will be completed professionally, promptly and efficiently. With an active litigation experience, you should expect nothing less, and, fortunately, DLS is there to carry the litigation burden with you.
    Ernest E. Badway
    Partner Fox Rothschild LLP

  • My firm has come to rely upon DLS for services throughout the State and Nation. DLS does not disappoint. Excellent service; competitive rates.
    Ed Weissman, Esq.

  • Our firm has been using DLS for over 15 years, and we have always found them to be competent, reliable, and professional. The personal attention and responsiveness of the office staff and the process servers in the field cannot be beat. We can always trust that our litigation documents are in good hands.
    Joelle Taub, Esq.
    Stempel Bennett Claman & Hochberg, P.C.

  • Reliable, dependent, proficient, and responsive-- just a few of the adjectives that I would use to describe DLS.  When entrusted with high priority filing and service assignments in New York, DLS has never let me down.  They are experts at alleviating the stress associated with filing and service of process, and they ensure that they keep you in the loop at every stage of the process.  DLS is my "go to" partner for filing and service anywhere in New York.
    Matthew S. Adams, Esq. 
    Fox Rothschild LLP

  • I have been using DLS for over 15 years, and have consistently found them to be diligent, proactive, responsive and highly professional.  They are heads-and-shoulders above other process servers.  I wouldn’t use anyone else!
    Howard Elman
    Matalon Shweky Elman

  • My firm has used DLS since it began its business.  As a small firm, efficiency and reliability of outside service providers is crucial to me  and DLS has provided just that.  We know we can count on DLS to handle every task we give it promptly, accurately and cost effectively.  I will not give my business to anyone else.
    Neal Schwarzfeld, Esq.
    Penn Proefriedt Schwarzfeld & Schwartz

  • Dear Howard:
    Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your exceptional service.  We have used Demovsky for over 20 years now, and to this day your firm continues to go above and beyond the call of duty.

    Your process servers are professional and I am always confident that they undertake service in strict compliance with the law.  In addition, your office has been a invaluable source of information.
    Thanks again.
    Eric S. Horowitz

  • DLS does an excellent job serving process and always provides an affidavit of service that will hold up if challenged.  I highly recommend them.
    Howard S. Koh

  • Howard Goldman and his company's professorial staff at DLS NY are pleasure to deal with. They are accurate, thorough and respond on a timely basis. Their ability to perform consistently in addition to being sensitive to our needs has been an asset and extremely helpful to my business.

    I highly recommend them. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    Frank Gray
    Francis X. Gray, LLC
    Private Investigator

  • "Prompt, efficient, timely and effective are some of the words that immediately come to mind when I think of DLS. There is never a doubt in my firm that DLS is the go-to process server to serve anyone, anywhere on the planet. I have been practicing law for over 20 years and can say without hesitation that the competence, professionalism, customer service and communication of the DLS team, in completing every service assignment from my firm, have been outstanding. They are experts on the nuances of personal service in state and federal courts, and the confidence we have in DLS allows me to focus on prosecuting the merits of our case, and, ultimately, achieving our clients’ objectives. "
    Nicholas E. Pantelopoulos
    Kaplan, Massamillo & Andrews, LLC

  • I can't begin to explain how extremely happy I am with the service DLS provides. Everyone is extremely professional and patient when answering my questions. Tasks are always completed in a timely manner, and I am always updated of the completion. 5 star service!”

    You guys really are the best!

    Silvana Aloisio
    McCormick & O'Brien, LLP

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